Your Samsung TV may never match Sky and there’s a very good reason why

Samsung is unlikely to ever take on Sky and release an all-in-one telly similar to Sky Glass. That’s according to the firm’s part leader for Global Lifestyle TVs, Wonki Kim who is confident the “current way is the better option.” Despite already having numerous televisions – such as The Frame and Serif ranges – that are aimed at offering a smart and clutter-free experience, placing a dedicated set-top box inside one of its lifestyle screens isn’t something Samsung is considering even if it means being able to get rid of all those annoying external devices.

“If you look into these cable and satellite companies by country they change their service so much that if we fixed – like Sky Glass – that kind of built-in solution eventually they will change their service system as well. That makes it so difficult,” Kim told during a recent chat at the CES technology show in Las Vegas.

“In the past, in some countries, we have worked with service providers to create something like that but in general it doesn’t work out.”

One of Samsung’s main concerns about adding unique services from a single provider into its TVs is that it makes it harder for consumers to switch. For example, someone with Sky Glass who suddenly wants to move to Virgin Media will find they may need to buy a whole new TV to get the best experience.

“Consumers want to have the flexibility to maybe move from a service provider. If you tell them that to switch they need to change their TV that would be no good.”

Kim also explained that, unlike mobile phones, people tend to hold onto their tellies for a lot longer than a couple of years which makes adding and upgrading dedicated TV services a lot harder.

“If TV was something you changed every one or two years like a mobile phone it would be easier but that’s not the case,” Kim added.

Despite no in-built support for platforms such as Sky, all of Samsung’s lifestyle screens do offer instant access to services such as Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video and Disney+.

That ability to stream shows and movies to a display that looks just like a piece of art is clearly proving popular with this market continuing to grow.

The firm has also just announced the launch of some updates which include more pieces of artwork being made available for The Frame screens. There will soon be around 2,500 artworks from world-renowned museums and galleries in Samsung’s Art Store which can all be displayed to make the TV look more exciting when not being used.

To help improve its efficiency the new Frame TVs will also consume around 10 percent less power when placed in Art Mode.

Another new addition to Samsung’s Premiere 8K Projector. This compact binge-watching gadget not only beams a massive screen onto any wall but will also be perfect for anyone living in a style-conscious home.

That’s not only thanks to its minimalistic design but also the fact that it now offers a totally wire-free experience. Apart from the power lead which plugs into the wall, there are no other cables needed with devices such as Sky set-top boxes and Apple TVs plugged into a separate connected device which can be hidden away in a cupboard. Content is then beamed to the ultra-short throw projector wirelessly making rooms look a less less cluttered and messy.

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