Samsung unveils new way to watch TV that fixes massive gripe with your old telly

Samsung has had a busy week with the Korean technology firm unveiling a swathe of blockbuster telly upgrades including its first-ever transparent display. However, one device that definitely stands out is the all-new and very clever Premiere 8K Projector. This compact binge-watching gadget not only beams a massive screen onto any wall but will also be perfect for anyone living in a style-conscious home.

That’s not only thanks to its minimalistic design but also the fact that it now offers a totally wire-free experience. Apart from the power lead which plugs into the wall, there are no other cables needed with devices such as Sky set-top boxes and Apple TVs plugged into a separate connected device which can be hidden away in a cupboard. Content is then beamed to the ultra-short throw projector wirelessly making rooms look a less less cluttered and messy.

As the name suggests, this device offers full 8K picture quality which is has four times the resolution of 4K. There are also other features such as picture-off premium home audio, cloud gaming services and always-on voice activation with a far-field mic which should hear your commands even if you are standing away from the projector.

The new device also incorporates Samsung’s patented “Sound-on-Screen” technology which integrates the top speaker module and software algorithms for a more immersive audio experience.

There’s no word on a release date just yet but expect more news in the coming months.

As we mentioned earlier, this projector isn’t the only new device coming from Samsung. The Korean firm has also launched its 2024 Neo QLED models which are now powered by better AI. That means improved upscaling, less power consumption and bonus features such as AI Motion Enhancer Pro which solves common issues – such as ball distortion – when watching things such as football.

That new transparent concept screen was also been shown off at the CES technology show which could soon be integrated into shop windows, football stadiums or make your telly look a little less intrusive.

If you’re need of a new telly, these updates should be available in the coming months so watch this space.

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