Jordan Fisher Is Having One Hell Of A Good Time In ‘Hadestown’

After a “very tumultuous and transitional” 2023, Jordan Fisher is thrilled to be venturing into hell ― a theatrical version of it, that is ― eight times a week.

The Alabama-born actor and singer rose to prominence on the Disney Channel more than a decade ago and has since continued his success streak in films like “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” and as a recording artist. Along the way, he’s found ways to highlight his love of musical theater both onstage and television. This winter, he’s delivering a dynamite performance in Broadway’s “Hadestown,” now playing at New York’s Walter Kerr Theatre.

Written by Anaïs Mitchell, “Hadestown” is a musical reimagining of the Greek tragedy of Orpheus (played by Fisher) and Eurydice (Solea Pfeiffer). Their love story is intertwined with that of Hades (Phillip Boykin) and Persephone (Betty Who), the king and queen of the underworld. After Eurydice is lured into the underworld by Hades’ promises of safety and security, Orpheus sets out on a mission to rescue his beloved.

“Being able to be in the band and play with the band — all of that was something that grabbed my heart,” Fisher said.

But you won’t find any togas or laurel wreaths in “Hadestown,” which won eight Tony Awards after its 2019 Broadway premiere and remains a hot ticket. The show is staged in a steam-punk, fantastical version of New Orleans, while its score is a sweeping mix of jazz, blues and rock.

As a self-professed “mythology nerd,” Fisher first became familiar with “Hadestown” by way of the musical’s 2010 concept album. Once he saw original cast member Reeve Carney portray Orpheus on Broadway, he knew it was “instantly something I wanted to be a part of.”

And though his Broadway résumé includes “Hamilton” and “Dear Evan Hansen,” Fisher said “Hadestown” feels “unlike so much of the theater I know and love” in a number of critical ways.

“I love Greek mythology, Norse mythology, and I read all of it that I can get my hands on,” Fisher told HuffPost in an interview. “I love the music, love the story, love the storytelling, love how it’s so honest right from the rip and leaves you with a hug. It’s the most complete storytelling experience I’ve had on a Broadway stage.”

Catch a clip of Fisher performing “Wait For Me” from “Hadestown” below.

As Orpheus, Fisher also plays guitar throughout much of the show — granting him a rare opportunity to infuse his performance with his well-honed skills as a pop-rock musician.

“I got to know Orpheus by researching and listening and watching and reading, and taking elements of my own personal journey and incorporating them into [the role],” he said. “Being able to be in the band and play with the band — all of that was something that grabbed my heart. The musicians who are onstage with me aren’t really theater people. They’re touring, gigging musicians that love this craft from a different angle.”

Prior to joining the “Hadestown” cast in late November, Fisher was at a personal and professional crossroads. Last spring, he starred as Anthony Hope in the Josh Groban-led revival of “Sweeney Todd,” becoming the first Black actor to play the role on Broadway. He exited the show after about three months due to a number of projects he had in the works, which were then halted by the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strikes. He said he ended up using the unexpected downtime to get shoulder surgery.

Fisher, left, with his "Hadestown" co-star Solea Pfeiffer.
Fisher, left, with his “Hadestown” co-star Solea Pfeiffer.

Behind the scenes, Fisher and his wife, Ellie, were navigating the challenges of first-time parenthood after relocating from Florida to New York early in 2023 with their 1-year-old son, Riley.

“The moment Riley was born, everything else shrunk,” he explained. “The art changed, the creativity changed, perspective shifted. We had a lot of personal revelatory experiences that helped shape what we know we want as a family moving forward. My purpose is completely different. It’s fresh and new and exciting — and that is to love, to bring support, to take care of the family.”

Last month, Fisher got the chance to meld his creative passion with his duties as a dad by following in the footsteps of stars like Neil Patrick Harris and Lin-Manuel Miranda as a narrator for Walt Disney World’s Candlelight Processional holiday event.

Fisher, right, and his wife, Ellie, are parents of a 1-year-old son, Riley. The family recently relocated from Florida to New York.
Fisher, right, and his wife, Ellie, are parents of a 1-year-old son, Riley. The family recently relocated from Florida to New York.

Gregg DeGuire via Getty Images

“Neil said to me, ‘Jordan, this is what you have to do when you get married and have kids,’ so that, for years, has been my dream,” he said. “I’m a very proud Disney adult — I grew up loving the parks, loving everything that Disney brought to my childhood. It helped mold my imagination and love of the arts.”

Festive excursions to the happiest place on Earth aside, Fisher is grateful to be putting down roots with his family in New York and expects live theater to become a bigger focus of his career moving forward.

“We’re in the city that we know we’re supposed to be in and doing the things we’re supposed to be doing,” he said. “Now that I live here, I have a constant tether to Broadway and this community. There’s so much joy in all of that.”

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