How AI is about to change your Windows PC, phone and car for good

Although there’s a buzz surrounding AI it isn’t actually new. There have been many forms of smart gadgets over the years that can complete complex tasks, but a big shift has happened where this artificial intelligence can learn, interpret, and take into account a wide range of factors, rather than just performing predictable tasks.

The thing that’s getting a lot of attention is something called “generative AI”. This is the ability to create things, be that a picture or a story. Services like Google’s Bard or Open AI’s Chat GPT can take a little bit of information and create something from it. It is this evolution of AI that’s really driving the latest surge of AI-related gadgets, services and features.

Cristiano Amon – CEO and president of tech company Qualcomm – while giving a speech at CES 2024, highlighted the emergence of ChatGPT’s generative skills in November 2022 as a key driver behind the movement. As a key hardware supplier to the industry, Qualcomm is packing its products with hardware specifically to handle the demands of AI.

We’re moving into an age where a laptop won’t just be a laptop, it will be an AI PC. The hardware and the software will use AI to extend the battery life on one hand, but also make your working life easier on the other, for example, taking your meeting notes and being able to summarise them for you. Microsoft has recently added a Copilot button it its keyboards, allowing you to directly interact with its AI service – and announcements from Asus, Dell and HP that all feature AI chips.

AI in cars might sound a bit confusing, but there’s a big role that AI can play – especially when it comes to navigation. We’re already used to smart route planning that involves avoiding traffic, but AI will take this much further. Say you want to drive to the south of France on holiday.

A normal route planner will tell you it’s 11 hours of driving and that’s about it. But an AI route planner will see that you need to cross the Channel and can find ferry or tunnel prices and availability, before then suggesting fuel stops with a great view and hotels for your overnight stay during drive. We’ve seen VW announce ChatGPT in its cars, another big move towards AI.

Motorola also gets a great demo of forthcoming AI tech on its phones that will let you take a photo of a picture and remove damage from it. For example, your kid has done a painting at school, stuffed it in a bag and then given it to you, all creased. Motorola’s AI will detect that damage and correct it, so you have a nice clean copy of the picture instead. We also know that Samsung is announcing the Galaxy S24 soon – with Galaxy AI.

AI is going to make everything smarter and give devices capabilities that are more like sci-fi movies and that time has come. On one hand you have the fun of talking to your car like Knight Rider, but on the other hand, we all need to be aware of what AI is doing, because AI was behind the destruction of mankind in The Terminator films too.

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