Former Biglaw Partner Calls Trump ‘Gravest Threat To American Democracy’ – And He Should Know Since He Helped Legitimize Trump

Ty Cobb

Former Biglaw partner Ty Cobb is back on the cable news circuit talking smack about Donald Trump. And honestly? You love to see it. Cobb — and his signature mustache — have a folksy way of cutting through the right wing BS and shooting straight with audiences.

Last night Cobb was on CNN commenting on Trump’s argument in the D.C. Circuit claiming “absolute immunity.” And though it’s pretty clear the judges were not receptive to that line of argumentation, Cobb is still ringing the alarm, saying, “I think you have to take Trump seriously because he poses the gravest threat to American democracy that we’ve ever seen.”

Which… fair point. He continued, comparing Trump to some pretty authoritarian rulers, “I think the lack of accountability which he desires, which Putin has, which the Ayatollah has, which Xi has… he may want an America like that.” And though he predicts Trump will lose “fast and forcefully,” he still depicts the argument as “very scary.”

While it’s nice to see Cobb speak out against Trump, let’s not forget he lent his own credibility to the former president. Cobb left Biglaw — Hogan Lovells to be precise — to work in Trump’s White House. There he was considered one of the few competent people in Trump’s sphere, and brought that sheen of respectability to the whole affair. And though he ultimately yeeted out of that job, the damage was already done.

You can watch the full clip below.

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