OnePlus tempts you to switch to Android this week with free headphones worth £459

Samsung and Apple may grab the majority of smartphone headlines, but there are plenty of challengers out there making phones just as good as those two tech juggernauts. One such company is OnePlus, the Android phone brand whose motto is ‘Never Settle’ and is famous for releasing phones with high specs that massively undercut rivals on price.

Though its bargain basement days are far behind it, OnePlus still puts out excellent phones that are generally still cheaper than competing products. Its latest flagship phone is the OnePlus 12, which launches globally on 23 January.

If you are in the market for a new phone then you might want to consider pre-ordering the OnePlus 12 as the firm has just announced the first 1,000 units sold in the UK from its official online store will snap up a free pair of Bang & Olufsen headphones worth £459.

The deal will only last 48 hours from 23 to 25 January, or when the batch of one thousand phones sells out. As well as that catch, we don’t yet know the UK price for the OnePlus 12 – the price you’ll have to pay for the new Android phone that nets you the B&O headphones.

Click here to view the free headphones deal from 23 to 25 Janaury 2024

Specifically, those headphones are the B&O Beocom Portal, wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphones with noise cancellation, memory foam ear cushions and microphones for audio and video calls. They are currently listed for £459 from B&O, a price at the very high-end of personal headphones.

If you get them in the OnePlus 12 pre-order deal, your pair will come engraved with the OnePlus logo for that extra collectible edge. You need to purchase the version with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage to qualify, which will be more expensive than the 12GB/256GB model.

“At OnePlus, our foremost mission is to allow our community to live a seamless, digitally empowered life,” said Celina Shi, European CMO at OnePlus. “With a display that is designed to be Smooth Beyond Belief, the OnePlus 12 offers unparalleled visuals. B&O share the same commitment to craftsmanship and design as we do, and their unparalleled audio is the perfect companion for our device.”

The OnePlus 12 is already out in China but isn’t launching in the UK and worldwide till 23 January. It’s set to come out alongside a cheaper OnePlus 12R, but the 12 will be the company’s flagship phone for the year that’ll battle it out with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

The OnePlus 12 uses the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset from Qualcomm, wireless charging that was missing from the OnePlus 11, as well as Hasselblad-tuned cameras that continues the collaboration between OnePlus and the famous photography brand.

There’s also a 64MP camera sensor with three overall on the back, one offering 3x optical zoom. What’s more, the 6.82-inch OLED screen can apparently reach 4,500 nits, which would make it one of the very brightest screens on a phone. The phone also looks particularly resplendent in a marbled green colour.

Click here to view the free headphones deal from 23 to 25 Janaury 2024

Click here to view the free headphones deal from 23 to 25 Janaury 2024

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